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Kristen J. Bell is an entrepreneur, Author, Inspirational Speaker, coach and Founder/CEO of Igniting Your Destiny and Bell Enterprises, LLC. She also owned and operated a multi-unit franchise in Maryland and Virginia. Kristen passionately believes in accepting nothing less than living in your greatness. She not only believes it but has demonstrated it throughout the corporate world as a high excelling Consultant for over a decade, that has earned countless awards and recognitions. But, also as a Veteran who honorably served in the United States Air Force for over 10 years. Kristen was awarded numerous prestigious leadership, Airman of the Quarter, and Airman of the Year awards.

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      It has become Kristen’s divine purpose to Guide, Inspire, inVigorate and Empower (G.I.V.E.), so that people can fulfill their life’s purpose, be ignited to live the life that they dream about and live in their greatness. Kristen’s success did not come easy and without pain, failures and self-doubt. But, her determination was so over powering to live in her greatness it propelled her to overcome all she has endured to get where she is today. Her extraordinary story and compelling speeches on how faith, forgiveness, resilience, and perseverance not only transformed so many people’s way of thinking but ultimately their lives.

      Kristen has a B.S. degree in Business Management and dedicates a minimum of 10 hours per month to personal and professional development education to stay sharp and motivated in all areas of her life. She loves fashion, traveling, music, dancing, and most importantly being a mother to an amazing son.